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Hailing from the desert dungeons of Albuquerque New Mexico we bring you Bearface. Bearface has been in the art game for over 15 years, growing up surrounded by abstract artists and calligraphists in his family.

Graffiti has been a large influence in his style and he consistently uses a multitude of bright colors and psychedelic lighthearted subjects in his paintings. His signature character, the "Bearface"--a Sloth from the Goonies looking dude wearing a teddy bear onsie-- stems from the idea that everybody has a soft side.

Bearface is also skilled in the ways of metal and woodworking, and would like to do more 3d sculpture type work in the future. He believes a big part of being an artist is doing work that matters to you and promoting yourself. "There's more to promoting yourself than you'd think, but it's one of those things no one will do for you but yourself. At least in the beginning"

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