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Everything in my life I owe to Graffiti.


It is the way you take something bad and make it into a good thing. Graffiti led directly to my tattoo career. It kept me out of trouble as a youth. It gave me a hobby that I now get paid for; painting canvases. Graffiti was like an angel that came down and said to me, "I'm going to give you this skill, so use it. Do something with it."


When I paint very little thought goes into it. It's spontaneous. Did something random catch my eye, maybe a cartoon or a logo? It's what I feel right now, mixed with how I have been feeling lately. It is a release of built up energy that I need to work out. Whatever I'm going through can dictate what is produced. Location is not important, It doesn't matter to me if anyone ever sees it, with paint I can make the ugliest grimiest place beautiful. Leave something dope on the wall. Those who do see it will be the ones who need it.


When I paint, sometimes I feel like I'm possessed by a force from the past. A power that has wanted to come through for generations. I feel like I'm the one who is meant to bring the energy into being and give my ancestors a voice that they maybe didn't get to fully express in their lives. The marker in my hand is tagging by itself, I allow it through because it wants to come through. I'm doing exactly what needs to be done, there is an urgency to complete the job that hasn't been done before. Graffiti is personal and universal, I am one of the pieces. My art will continue to evolve as I grow in my life. I'd like to be one of the vital pieces, but even if I'm not, as long as I keep learning and evolving.


I'll die before I ever figure it all out. For me there is no end, no finish line to art.

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