Dia De Muertos artist signup

Please read and review all information on this page before agreeing and submitting. Submitting ensures entry into the show. Thanks! 

The theme of Dia de los Muertos is not dark and dismal, it's a celebration of the reunion with the dead. Subjects of Dia De Muertos artworks are typically depicted enjoying life, using bright colors, and often in entertainging situations. Some images associated with Dia de Muertos include Marigolds, Monarch butterflies, Skeletons, and Altars. 


1. Art show will be held inside the Up Gallery at 105 4th St SW on Friday, November 1st from 7pm-midnight


2. A suggested donation of $20 is encouraged for entry into the show but not required. 


3. There is no limit to amount of pieces you can submit.


4.There is no fee to vend. Vending will take place outside in the street, and spaces are first come first served.  


5. Gallery takes 30% commission on art sold 


6. No size limit to art entered


7. All 2-dimensional artwork entered must be ready to be hung with appropriate strength wire.


8. Artwork not properly prepared to hang will be subject to a $5 fee

9. Art drop off will be held October 24th-27th from 7-10pm


10. The Mothership Alumni LLC, Up Gallery, and all affiliates will exercise all

reasonable care in handling the art works submitted, but will not be responsible for the loss of or any damage to any works. Artists are responsible for insuring their works against loss or damage. 

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