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Tylar avery


Analog Collage is therapy, evoking new emotions in those who enjoy it. As I create, I listen to music and what is produced is akin to the sounds that surrounded the process, the subconscious is allowed to dance in the images. I cut away the bullshit and make new worlds for myself with glue and lots of intention.  I make prints of the originals, resin pieces, candles and vintage trinket boxes. 

"I am a southern girl living currently in the southwest, local to Santa Fe. Influenced by darker music and have a healthy addiction to true crime. I began making art when I was 12 as one needs the escape at that age. I realized as long as one is creating , one can be at peace, even in chaos.  I have lived in many cities and found that magic is always there to teach us how to communicate through our art. "

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