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"Many of my pieces reflect the oddities contained in the philosophic subconscious and have deep meanings I hope resonate with the you. My art comes from the mind, heart, and soul simultaneously."

The “Visual DJ” known as LadyJennD started life as Jennifer DeSantis in 1981 in Waterbury, Connecticut. By taking images and texts from discarded and sometimes forgotten publications, she destroys their original intention, and creates a whole new meaning and context for them to exist. Much like a DJ remixes songs and sounds, LadyJennD as a “Visual DJ”, remixes images and words to create fresh, new, imaginative realms. 

Her unique artistic talent was nurtured from an early age from her family, even as she relocated to Georgia in 1996. Like many people, Jennifer’s life took some twists and turns, and yet she continued to develop her creative talent, utilizing art as a form of self-therapy. Her method of mixed media collage has allowed her to express her emotions and dreams in a multi-dimensional, and sometimes humorous, style. Her art is a practice in “creation from destruction”, adapting existing media and restructuring it to give it new life. The goal of Jennifer’s art is to pull the viewer into the piece, making them want to grasp it, get inside, and explore it, to find some kind of inner healing.   LadyJennD is now in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she had spent 4 plus years activating and managing a small nonprofit gallery in downtown Albuquerque, while continuing steadfastly in her art practice and career. She recently took the leap into being a full-time artist in May of 2021. 

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