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Ibra dominguez


Welcome to the enigmatic world of Dark Temptations. In his latest body of work "Grey Value", Ibra weaves together narratives of introspection, ambiguity, and transformation that convey a range of emotions and themes that transcend the limitations of a single hue.


“One thing I struggle with is overthinking small things. I tend to overanalyze while others enjoy life without worrying. I always have to find meaning to a point where everybody else has already jumped in the pool and are now eating sandwiches, getting ready to leave because the sun is setting and I haven't even jumped in the pool yet because I'm not sure if I even like these people, you know what I mean? My ideas and emotions are all over the place. That's why I didn't use color - I didn't want to overextend myself.”


 The series is about finding value in memories and emotions both good and bad, using grey as the unifying theme that transcends the boundaries of color. 


“Through these paintings, I've discovered a newfound appreciation for life. Initially filled with self-doubt, I wondered how others would interpret my paintings, if they even made sense. I haven't answered these questions yet, but these paintings have shown me the beauty in life, even if only I can see it.”

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