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In the heart of downtown Albuquerque, on the second floor of the 115-year-old 7,000 sqft Yrisarri Building, The Mothership Alumni (TMA) is dedicated to representing and promoting a diverse roster of artists who create innovative paintings, photography, and illustrations. As an alternative contemporary art gallery, our mission is to connect artists with consumers through cutting-edge and memorable experiences, fostering emotional connections and supporting the creative community at large.

Founded in 2016, we began by hosting pop-up art shows, then rented a studio at the gallery in 2018, and by 2020, we took over operating the entire gallery. Continuing a 28-year legacy as the oldest art gallery in downtown Albuquerque and proudly black-owned, our goal is to represent a diverse group of contemporary artists and provide them with marketing and sales support while promoting innovative and cutting-edge artwork that resonates with the public. We aim to produce engaging art events and exhibitions to showcase the talents of our artists and develop and sell merchandise that highlights their unique work, enhancing their visibility and reach.

We are committed to supporting the creative community by providing a platform for artists to exchange their work with the public and offering workshops and classes to educate and inspire the next generation of artists. We rent out fourteen 200+ sqft art studios to local artists to work and display their art during open hours and monthly events. We have a print shop that produces stickers, archival prints, and screen-printed graphic tees, as well as a gift shop.

We strive to create exciting digital and real-world experiences that immerse and engage our audience, building emotional connections between the brand and the consumer through unique and memorable interactions. By combining manufacturing, e-commerce, services, and retail, we create a comprehensive support system for artists, ensuring a seamless connection between artists and consumers, facilitating the sale and appreciation of contemporary art.

By staying true to our mission and achieving these goals, The Mothership Alumni aims to be a leading force in the alternative contemporary art scene, both locally and beyond.

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