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I took this photo during a stunning sunset in downtown Albuquerque, capturing the vibrant hues of the sky as they transformed Central Avenue into a scene of breathtaking beauty. The iconic Kimo Theater's neon sign glows brightly, providing a nostalgic focal point amid the dynamic colors of the setting sun. The streaks of car lights add a sense of movement and energy, contrasting with the serene, empty street.

The deep purples, fiery oranges, and soft pinks in the sky create a dramatic backdrop that highlights the unique blend of historic and modern elements in the city. This image perfectly encapsulates the lively yet tranquil atmosphere of Albuquerque at dusk, making it a striking addition to any collection. It's a moment where the natural and urban worlds collide, offering a captivating visual experience for anyone who appreciates the beauty of cityscapes and sunsets.

"66 Symphony" - Joel Brandon

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